My PHP Story – 20 Years of PHP

PHP – People Helping People

Following the twitter trend of #20yearsofphp, I could not resist to share my experience of my little PHP career šŸ™‚

I am a commerce graduate and spend almost 5 years of my professional career in areas like accounts, customer service, BPO. I learned HTML during my school days in early 2000. But I never thought that this web world would become the most challenging and career oriented field.

After struggling through the ups and downs of random jobs, I, with the continuous motivation from some of my friends, finally jumped into PHP in Feb 2014.

At the start it was a bit tough for me as IĀ had no programming background. But I must say that when I look around other languages, If IĀ picked up any other language for start, I might not be able to continue.

As of today, I have developed several projects with variety of CMS and Frameworks offered by some of the fantastic minds.

My love for PHP is growing day by day and in near future IĀ have no plans to switch into any other language.

What PHP gave me:

  • A better step towards future
  • No threat of being jobless
  • Chances to explore international market
  • Side income with freelancing.
  • Satisfaction with what I am now

What I gave to PHP:

I tried many times to create some composer packages. But ended up doing nothing :).Ā I will keep trying unless IĀ found my self capable to contribute in open source projects.

If you are a PHP Lover, show your love by creating a blog post about your journey and put that it on twitter with #20yearsofphp


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