Python argparse and subparsers

Often times we have to create command line utilities and it doesn’t make sense every time to put one command in a separate file specially when you have a bunch of related functionalities. This is a quick tutorial for handling sub commands in python which shows how we can write multiple functions in one module […]

My PHP Story – 20 Years of PHP

PHP – People Helping People Following the twitter trend of #20yearsofphp, I could not resist to share my experience of my little PHP career 🙂 I am a commerce graduate and spend almost 5 years of my professional career in areas like accounts, customer service, BPO. I learned HTML during my school days in early […]

What is message queue in programming

If you have been programming in any server side language, I believe you have came up with the scenario where you make stuffs like sending bulk emails, processing some images, video conversions and other heavy lifting tasks. If you are not aware of what message queue is and how you can use it in your […]